Water Damage Photo Gallery

two of crew members working on removing the 2ft of the wall after a water loss.

Water Loss Process-Removing Walls

This photo is from a water loss job that we worked on in a professional office. The crew is working on a flood cut of drywall, which is where we cut out 2 feet around the bottom of the wall to dry the wall. 

grey carpeting being ripped up by our production crew.

Water Loss Process- Removing Carpet

This photo is from a professional office that experienced a water loss. Our crew had to remove any carpet that was water soaked after the event. After a water loss, there are things our crew will do to avoid mold growth. Some flooring is salvageable, but, at a certain point, carpet cannot be saved. 

Frozen Sink Waterfall

SERVPRO of Norridge/Harwood Hts. recently arrived on job and discovered broken pipes. This is what happens when temperatures drop to below zero. A frozen sink waterfall from water freezing inside.

Water in Fixture

SERVPRO of Norridge/Harwood Hts. found this at job. After a broken pipe due to freezing a light fixture in a bathroom is filled with water. always use precaution after a water incident when electicities is involved.

Pool mishap

This pool burst during a storm and sent 10,000 gallons of water into the homeowners furnished basement and displaced her son. SERVPRO of Norridge/Harwood Hts. dried the basement so her son could move back.

Water Damage

Water damage can happen to anybody in the Windy City and no one wants to deal with the stress that something like this can cause. If your house has experienced water damage, getting the right firm to do the job quickly is essential. We are dedicated to getting back to you within 1 Hour of your initial call and arrive at your property within four hours.There are several different events that can lead to water damage, such as: washing machine, dishwasher overflow, failing sump pumps, sewage backup, and cresting rivers or streams. Norridge/ Harwood Heights water damage restoration services include: Water removal as well as locating and repairing the source of leaking water. Why is using a certified water damage restoration firm important? When an area has been affected by water damage, there are scientific methods and specialized equipment needed to extract water and dry the area. Water can quickly soak into the subfloor and “wick-up" into the drywall.