Commercial Photo Gallery

department store with wet carpet with wet carpet signs.

Flooding in a Local Store

A local department store called SERVPRO of Norridge/Harwood Heights about water flooding their floor. As you can see, the carpet is wet in the photo, but our crew brought air movers to begin drying the carpet. No job is too big or too small for SERVPRO! 

Quick Service

SERVPRO of Norridge/Harwood Hts. got this restaurant back in business fast so less time was lost to a kitchen fire. A prompt response and a lot of hard work did the job. 

Office Decommission

Cable wrecking is typically required by most leases. Whether it’s for voice or data purposes, it all needs to go. Can you imagine how many thousands of feet (maybe miles) of cabling may be running through your office?

No business time lost

SERVPRO of Norridge/Harwood/ Hts. cleaned this storefront in Chicago after the windows had leaked. The windows were then sealed so there is no further problem. The business never had to shut down or close temporarily due to this problem. SERVPRO of Norridge/Harwood Hts. made sure no business was lost .

New Tenant Prep

This rental property on the south side in the Hyde Park neighborhood needed to be restored before new tenants could move in because the windows had leaked and the floors were damaged.

Fire Safety

A senior living in this unit got locked out while a pot was boiling on her stove. Before she could reenter the unit it was too late and fire damaged the entire unit. SERVPRO of Norridge/Harwood Hts. cleaned the unit so she was able to return. So remember to careful when cooking.